Vinnie Paz Pazmanian Devil

Mano pra quem gosta de peso...sem comentarios, apresento-lhes Vinnie Paz, principal MC do grupo de hip hop Jedi Mind Tricks.

01. Verbal Hologram Intro
02. A.O.T.P. Freestyle
03. Me Ne Sballo
04. Saviorself
05. Suckaz (Godz Wrath)
06. Incanatrix Interlude
07. Urban Gurillaz (Commited)
08. I Who Have Nothing
09. Retaliation feat. Jus Allah (Breathe)
10. Contra
11. The Rage Of Angels feat. Crypt The Warchild
12. Kublai Khan (Godz Wrath)
13. Nada Cambia
14. What's Really Good
15. Beyond The Gates Of Pain feat. Sean Price
16. Water Torture
17. Speak Now (8 Mile Road)
18. Heavenly Divine (Remix) feat. Jus Allah
19. Verses Of The Bleeding
20. Beatdown feat. Jus Allah
21. The Wolf
22. The Immaculate Conception
23. As It Was In The Beginning
24. Blood Runs Cold (Live)
25. I Against I (Live)
26. Exertions (Remix)
27. Animal Rap (Metal Thangz)
28. Ghengis Khan feat. Necro
29. Black Tibetan Magicians feat. Canibus
30. Rise Of The Machines (Remix Preview)