Infamous Mobb " especial edition" (2002)

O primeiro albúm dos caras, produzido por nada menos que The Alchemist, responsa...

01- Intro
02- IM3
03- Born Again Ft. Hostyle
04- Killa Queens Ft. Prodigy, Rapper Noyd
05- Special Edition
06- I Rep
07- The Family Ft. Prodigy
08- Mobb Niggaz (The Sequel) Ft. Prodigy
09- Reality Rap Ft. Blitz, Kaos, Uno-Dos
10-Make A Livin' Ft. V-12, Chinky
11-We Don't Give A... Ft. Havoc
12- Back In The Days Ft. Chinky
13- B.I.G. T.W.I.N.S.
14- We Strive Ft. Ty-Maxx
15- We Will Survive ft Chinky
16- War