71Raw "ninja guindance" (2008)

Da banca do Wu Tang, WestCoast KillaBeez, o 71Raw formado por Anthai, Broken Tongue e Martial Art , álbum recém lançado...aproveitem.

01 Martial Art
02 Revenge Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy and Christ Bearer Of Northstar
03 Bloodline
04 The Last Fight Feat. The Black Knights
05 Drunken Master
06 M.C. Classic Feat. Platto
07 Mask Men Feat. Beretta 9 Of Killarmy
08 Fuck Yall
09 June 21st Feat. Christ Bearer Of Northstar and 5 Star
10 Stay True Feat. The Black Knights
11 You've Been Bad
12 Life Is Hard Feat. Pesha
13 Sun Moon and Stars
14 Two Places At One Time
15 Lace Em
16 71war
17 Raw Fish
18 The Master and The Student Feat. Solomon Child and Monk