Buddha Monk and Popa Wu presents "zu chronicles vol. 5 back then" (2007)

01: Call of the Gods (ft. Da Manchuz)
02: Young Guns (ft. Babyface Fensta, Q-Plex, Sleep Murda, Mozart & Bash)
03: 9 Elements (ft. Prodigal Sunn, C.C.F. Division & United Kingdom)
04: Dust to Dawn
05: Spaford (ft. Free Murda)
06: OK Corral (ft. Daddy Rose, I-Born, ShaCronz & United Kingdom)
07: Lights Out (ft. Polladon)
08: Peep the Steez (ft. Crave, Main Event, Che Logan & Popi)
09: One Life to Live (ft. Daddy Rose, ShaCronz, I-Born & Suga Bang Bang)
10: Take It All (ft. Allah Real, C.C.F. Division & I-Born)
11: Gun Ho (ft. C.C.F. Division, Daddy Rose, I-Born & Ty-Jigs)
12: I'm Not a Rapper (ft. Babyface Fensta)
13: Send it Back (ft. Q-Plex, Bash & Babyface Fensta)
14: Love Me (ft. I-Born)
15: The Fast Life (ft. Duck-Lo Click)
16: Spaz Out (ft. Q-Plex, Mozart, Sleep Murda & Babyface Fensta)