Immortal Technique "the silenced revolution"

1. April freestyle
2. Belly of the beast
3. Black out special
4. Caught in a hustle
5. Hip Hop Speach
6. Hok (remix) (feat. breez evaflowin)
7. Underground railroad freestyle
8. Razor death blade stick
9. The rebel
10. The other white meat (feat. soul purpose)
11. In the club freestyle
12. Brooklyn academy (feat. metaphor)
13. Keepin' it raw (feat. c-rayz walz)
14. Fight until the end (feat. sabac & roosevelt phillip)
15. Audio technician (feat. l.i.f.e. long)
16. Bangers freestyle
17. Battles vs. flow
18. Battle vs. postaboy
19. Battle vs. c-rayz walz
20. Dance with the devil (instrumental)