Dom Pachino "rice and beanz" (2007)

01. Rice & Beanz (prod. by Dub Sonata)
02. Give Nuthin (prod. by Shawneci)
03. Box With Me (prod. by Dom P)
04. Who Iz This (prod. by MES)
05. La Calle (feat. Thirstin Howl III & Block McCloud)(prod. by Block McCloud)
06. Mommy Always Told Me (prod. by Dom P)
07. They Don't Want None (prod. by Larry Flynt)
08. Commitment (prod. by Dub Sonata)
09. Ya'll Botti Boyz (feat. Shyheim) (prod. by Dom P)
10. Thugz "R" Us (prod. by Lostsun)
11. My Rap (prod. by Dunnezy)
12. Build It Up (feat. Casandre) (prod. by Dom P)
13. Slide With Me (feat. & prod. by Golden Child)
14. Eat Wood (feat. Live Brim) (prod. by Jewels Polaar)
15. Pacman Spray (prod. by Jewels Polaar)
16. Move Accurate (prod. by Dom P)
17. Fly Away (prod. by Dom P)
18. Extravagangsta Radio Interview (Skit)
19. Regardless (prod. by Dom P)