Ice Water "polluted water" (2007)

Apadrinhados pelo Chef Raekwon, streetera, som de rua crew Novaiorquino Polite, de Staten Island's são eles Stomach, P.C. (Paulie Caskets) and D.C. (Donnie Cash) ...pode conferi que é peso!

01: Animal[Performed by Stomach, Polite, D.C., and P.C.][Produced by *Scram Jones]
02: Do it Big[Performed by *Busta Rhymes, Polite, Stomach, and Raekwon][Produced by *Dready]
03: Actin' Fly[Performed by Polite, Stomach, P.C., and Cigar][Produced by *Kenny Whitehead, and *Karriem Roulette]
04: Icewater (We Still Runnin')[Performed by Stomach, Polite, P.C., and Cigar][Produced by *Domingo]
05: Hip-Hop Tribute[Performed by Stomach, Cigar, Polite, Raekwon, P.C., and Rhyme Recka][Produced by *Emile]
06: Love Don't Cost (A Thing)[Performed by Stomach, P.C., Method Man, and D.C.][Produced by *Mental Instruments]
07: Let's Get It[Performed by *DJ Paul, Polite, P.C., D.C., and Raekwon][Produced by *SC]
08: Click Click[Performed by Raekwon, D.C., and P.C.][Produced by *Jamie Franks]
09: Mercy Me[Performed by Polite, Stomach, P.C., Cigar, and *Flo][Produced by Ice Water Productions]
10: Gangsta[Performed by P.C., Polite, D.C., Cigar, and *Flo][Produced by Ice Water Productions]
11: I'm a Boss[Performed by *Rick Ross, Polite, Raekwon, D.C., and P.C.][Produced by *EZ Elpee]
12: Knuckle Up[Performed by Raekwon, D.C., Polite, *Pimp C, and *Hands][Produced by Triflyn]
13: Murda[Performed by P.C., Polite, *Hands, Stomach][Produced by *Fury]
14: All Night[Performed by D.C., P.C., and *Jagged Edge][Produced by *Kiri Grazes]
15: Move[Performed by Polite, Stomach, P.C., Cigar, and *Hands][Produced by *Focus]
16: Tell Me How You Like It[Performed by Raekwon, *Remy Ma, P.C., Polite][Produced by *Supa Dave West]
17: Baby Love Me[Performed by Polite, *Flo][Produced by Mizza]